ITF machineries are compliant with Industry 4.0, which means all the system data and signals can be collected and analyzed by a computer system.
They are designed to work with PLC, a standard language that can also be flexible and customized. 

The ITF machines are therefore equipped with PLCs dedicated to the control and programming of machine operations; they exchange information with internal systems by means of a connection based on standard specifications, publicly available and internationally recognized.

They can receive work instructions from a connected server and remotely upload customized programs.

The collected data can be analyzed in order to understand the production cycles, work efficiency and performance predictions.


Using a data block (DB) it’s possible to connect other peripheral devices such as PC, mobile devices, etc.

All these features enable the remote support function as well: our technical support team can access the machine from our HQ and share the same display content with the customer in their factory plant.

The data can be shared between different machines, or even across a large network in the customer plant.

The connection can be established via LAN/WAN.

As for tracking technology, we can integrate RFID or barcodes, in order to uniquely mark every single part inside the manufacturing chain.

ITF machines are equipped with security sensors and programs that will safely slow down or stop before any errors can occur.



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