I.T.F. Sand it!


The satisfaction of our Business Partners is the main target of I.T.F. company. That's why every customer's request is processed individually and with particular care. We always analyze, then develop the most fitting solution for ever requirement from our customers. Our team of qualified professionals will take care to provide you with the most suitable process and tools for your success. We provide solutions, not just machines.


The main manufacturing plant is located near Milan. In the same plant we reserved a dedicated stock of our most requested spare parts. We can also quickly provide custom parts relying on our fully equipped machining workshop, virtually without any delay.


Our internal engineering team can provide both mechanical and electrical engineering services. During this stage, our multi-disciplinary team will transform a project concept into an efficient real machine: by comparing different process solutions and providing feasibility studies to back up our ideas. All the software programming and robot teaching are provided by our own personnel. All divisions are constantly working together and sharing their experience in order to create the best process solution for the final user.